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Me. . . .

     My name is Nathan Loveland.  I have been taking pictures since the early '70s and working with digital imagery since the mid '90s.  I started MidTexas Photography as a sideline when I was living near San Antonio, but I closed it as of 1 Jan 19 because of a job change & relocation.  I plan to reopen MTP as a business again, but for now I am using the website to display some of my work.  I will add images as time allows and the mood strikes.

     As to what, mainly I create photoimagery of animals (particularly birds and dragonflies), landscapes, tourist destinations, architecture, industrial sites, machines, sculpture, cityscapes, craft works, and fairs and festivals.  I also like still-life and on-location photography and taking theme or candid photos at events (reunions, religious activities, or award ceremonies).  I do not take formal or staged portraits but I will take personal photos for use in digital applications (e.g., LinkedIn profile images, e-cards, & personal websites).  I also create logos and graphics for websites or other uses, based on existing images or from scratch.

     In addition to the above, I do digital photo finishing, photo-art transformation, retouching, and digital restoration, the last of which is in-computer repair of scanned and digitized paper photos, slides, or negatives.  Unlike retouching, which changes the original image, the goal of restoration is to make the image look as much as possible like the original photo.

My Images. . . .

     Photoimagery is what I call graphic images for which the primary source is a digital or film photograph.  Sometimes the finished image looks like the original and other times not, but in every case, the source of the image was a camera-generated photo.  Except where noted, every image on this website started as a photograph taken by me, and has been intentionally modified in some way—in some cases extensively.  My goal is to create interesting images that are pleasing, compelling, and worthy of more than a passing glance.  I remove distractions, modify structure, enhance color and clarity, or apply artificial effects.  A few images require little manipulation, and it's always nice to have one be that good out-of-the-box, but all are edited in some way.

     Some people prefer 'honest' or 'natural' images, but every photograph is a lie to some extent, and what I care about most is making an image that pleases me.  Still, I never make changes to the essential nature of the subject and claim it to be otherwise.  If I change the look, color, shape, or character, it will be obvious or I will say so if it matters, but I do not track or save versions of every change I make.  Often, I only change contrast or lighten things a bit.  Other times, I make big changes, like removing signs, antennas, light poles, blemishes, cars, and people, or by hiding flaws or adding small details.  In the end, all that matters to me is that the finished image looks the way I want it to look.  Taking a picture is only the technical half of the job.  The other half, the art perhaps, is making it presentable, for which purpose I happily make whatever changes seem right.

     That said, there are a few things I will not do.  I will not secretly photograph nor post a photo of a person who has a reasonable expectation of privacy, and satire or parody aside, I will not significantly modify an image of a person without appropriate permission.  I will also not modify any image to deceive for criminal, malicious, or vile intent, and I will not photograph or work on images of illegal activities or subjects except to report same to an appropriate law enforcement authority.

     Last, for the record: I only edit copies and I always retain the original camera or scanner file, both for version control and copyright protection.  Also, all of my posted or shared images are cropped, which means only I have the complete originals, and except for web content, I do not store anything on a cloud service or web server.

My Tools. . . .

     My cameras are made by Canon.  The lens I use most often is the Canon EF 100-400mm, f/4-5.6 L IS III USM Zoom, seconded by a Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Macro Zoom.  I sometimes use a Canon flash, but most of my photos are taken hand-held in available light.

     My workflow involves a number of software tools, but the main photo editing software is PaintShop Pro.  I've used PaintShop extensively since the mid '90s for graphics and photo work, and all of the images on this website have been worked to completion in that program.  For more info about photo equipment and software I use, please visit my companion website, Nathan's Nature [perpetually in development, it seems :-( ].

Last Updated: 17 May 20